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Benedictines – Monks

Videos related to The Benedictine Order


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The Order of Saint Benedict


List of Videos Below (scroll down to view videos and check back for new additions)

1. Mount Savior Monastery – Pine City NY (USA)

2. Saint Mary Magdalene Monastery – Le Barroux France

3. Benedictone Subiaco Abbey at Arkansas USA

4. Benedictine Monks of St. John’s Abbey

5. St. Procopius Abbey – Lisle, IL (USA)

6. Quaerere Deum (Seek God) – Documentary

7. The Monastery Reality TV Series (BBC 2005)


1.  Mount Savior Monastery – Pine City NY (USA)

Opening Hymn of Compline                           Closing Psalm of Compline (Psalm 91)



The Everyday: Benedictine Life at Mount Saviour Monastery



2.  Saint Mary Magdalene Monastery – Le Barroux France

Watchmen of the night: The monks of Saint Mary Magdalene Monastery in Le Barroux


3.  Benedictone Subiaco Abbey at Arkansas USA

A community of forty-two Benedictine monks in the Catholic Church serving God by prayer and work in the tradition of the Swiss-American Congregation. Our Abbey is located in Subiaco, Arkansas. In fidelity to that Benedictine tradition we proclaim the gospel through monastic and private prayer, hospitality, retreats and spiritual direction, education, parish, diocesan and special ministries.


4.  Benedictine Monks of St. John’s Abbey


5.  St. Procopius Abbey – Lisle, IL (USA)

This video describes the way of life at St. Procopius Abbey, a Benedictine monastery of men in Lisle, IL USA.


6.  Quaerere Deum (Seek God) – Documentary

In the Jubilee year 2000 the monks of Norcia breathed new life into the birthplace of St Benedict. Armed with only their faith and zeal they founded a monastic community which has been attracting men from all over the world to follow St. Benedict’s ancient Rule. Many of their friends have long wanted an insight into the inner workings of their life and so they have produced this high quality up to date film which shows the monks as they go through the daily ora et labora. The title of the film, “Quaerere Deum”, means to Seek God. This is the true calling of all monks, the first and most essential quality of an authentic monastic vocation, as laid out in the Rule of our Holy Father St. Benedict.


7.  The Monastery Reality TV Series (BBC 2005)

Below are the YouTube videos of an immensely inspiring documentary produced by the BBC in 2005 entitled ‘The Monastery’

Two hundred and fifty people responded to advertisements inviting them to spend 40 days in a Benedictine monastery in the UK, living alongside the monks. Five men were chosen from the 250 applicants and all 5 of them are non-Catholics and had little or no experience of Catholicism or monastic life. The objective of the programme was to ascertain if the 1500 years rule of St Benedict and the Benedictine monastic traditions have something to offer for today’s world.

There are a total of 18 parts. Following the 18 parts, there is a final programme (about 1 hour) called The Monastery Revisited where the 5 participants were invited back, after 18 months, to the monastery for a weekend to review how that 40 days retreat have impacted their lives in the 18 months after.

The Monastery Part 1                                    The Monastery Part 2                                   The Monastery Part 3



The Monastery Part 4                                    The Monastery Part 5                                   The Monastery Part 6



The Monastery Part 7                                    The Monastery Part 8                                   The Monastery Part 9



The Monastery Part 10                                  The Monastery Part 11                                  The Monastery Part 12



The Monastery Part 13                                  The Monastery Part 14                                  The Monastery Part 15



The Monastery Part 16                                  The Monastery Part 17                                  The Monastery Part 18



The Monastery Revisited (A film which returns to the Monastary to see how the men have progressed since returning to their lives)