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Carmelites – Friars

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Discalced Carmelites – Generalate of the Teresian Carmel

Order of Carmelites of the Ancient Observance

Discalced Carmelite Friars – Irish Region

The British Province of Carmelite Friars


List of Videos Below (scroll down to view videos and check back for new additions)

1. Brief History and Overview of the Carmelites

2. Carmelite Friars of Aylesford Priory of the Glorious Assumption in Kent UK

3. Carmelite Spirituality – By Rev Fr. Gregory Homeming OCD Provincial Superior (2006) Discalced Carmelites in Australia and Oceania.

4. Rule of St. Albert of Jerusalem

5. Carmelite Friars Vocation Videos

6. Carmelite Vocation – Come and See

7. Discalced Carmelite Friars in Africa

8. Discalced Carmelite Friars in Taiwan


1.  Brief History and Overview of the Carmelites

Carmelites: People in search of God…. From the Desert to the Garden of God.


2.  Carmelite Friars of Aylesford Priory of the Glorious Assumption in Kent UK

In 1247 the Bishop of Rochester, Richard of Wendover, officially recognised the Carmelite foundation at Aylesford and the first General Chapter of the Order outside the Holy Land was held there. The Chapter effectively changed the lifestyle of the Carmelites from hermits to mendicant friars and over the next fifty years more than thirty priories were founded in England and Wales including London, Oxford and Cambridge. In 1348 at the Vigil of the Feast of the Holy Cross, the Bishop of Llandaff, John Pashcal, blessed the site of the cemetery and the new chuch but the church was not consecrated until 1417, the delay possibly being caused by the Black Death which affected so much of the population. The dedication of the church was carried out by Richard Young, the Bishop of Rochester.

When the friars returned to Aylesford in 1949 it was never with the intention that it should become a place of pilgrimage. However, as soon as we arrived home, so the people began to come to pray and to help with the enormous task of rebuilding and restoring the Priory. Today many thousands come on organised pilgrimages or alone, some for a time of retreat or relaxation, some for meetings or conferences. Some simply wander in from the road and are taken into the unique atmosphere of prayer and hospitality which is The Friars.



3.  Carmelite Spirituality – By Rev Fr. Gregory Homeming OCD Provincial Superior (2006) Discalced Carmelites in Australia and Oceania.


4.  Rule of St. Albert of Jerusalem

An audio recording (with accompanying photographs) of a talk given by Johan Bergström-Allen, T.O.C., at the end of the first day of the 2012 ‘Carmelite Way Pilgrimage’ organised by The Carmelite Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Over the course of 3 days (9-11 November 2012) some 30 pilgrims walked the Lilydale to Warburton Railway Trail, taking time en route for reflection and prayer. Johan was asked to speak at the end of the first day on the theme of “The Carmelite Journey”.


5.  Carmelite Friars Vocation Videos


6.  Carmelite Vocation – Come and See

This explains the roots of Carmelite vocation. Carmelite Order is one of the ancient Orders of the Catholic Church. Contemplatives are called to experience the Living God like Prophet Elijah and witness to his divine presence. This experience of God is fundamental for any authentic human promotion.


St. Teresa of Avila reformed and gave new face to the Carmelite Cloistered life. Her daughters follow her charism and spirit. Their primary task is to reach the Mount of Christian Perfection and to be a witness to Christian holiness in a heroic manner.


Carmel is one unceasing act of love. Here God walks on pots and pans. God is seen everywhere and loved everywhere and in everyone, even the most difficult person. Love makes everything sweet and tender. The other face of Carmel is Love! come & See.


Our Monastery is like the home of Mary and Martha, often lovingly sought by Jesus on his sojourn on earth. We keep and our hearts and house a welcome home for Christ, where he can find his repose and rest.



7.  Discalced Carmelite Friars in Africa

Introduction to the Discalced Carmelite Friars in Tanzania and their mission work.


Carmelite’s Kenya Mission


8.  Discalced Carmelite Friars in Taiwan

「嘉爾默羅聖衣會」陳新偉神父談其聖召【真理電台】- 陳新偉神父〈本影片標題將”新”誤植為”欣”­;〉在未進入修會前,四十幾年歲月為生活奔波勞碌,卻始終找不到安寧的居所,直到有一­天發現心靈最深處的渴望‧‧