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Carthusians – Monks

Videos related to The Carthusian Order


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The Carthusian Order

St. Hugh’s Charterhouse – Parkminster UK

Interesting facts about St. Bruno, the Carthusians, and the Carthusian Order


List of Videos Below (scroll down to view videos and check back for new additions)

1. Visiting a Carthusian Monastery – Documentary on the Grand CharterHouse of the Carthusian Order

2. Grande Chartreuse Skiing – France

3. Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno – Italy

4. Elegy To Silence – Portugal

5. Pleterje Charterhouse – Slovenia


1.  Visiting a Carthusian Monastery

The following video links comprise a documentary on the Grand CharterHouse of the Carthusian Order of Monks founded by St Bruno in the 11th Century.

You may want to read a very concise yet detailed overview of the Carthusian Order before watching the videos as it will help you understand and follow the documentary better:


Visiting a Carthusian Monastery – Part 1       Visiting a Carthusian Monastery – Part 2


Visiting a Carthusian Monastery – Part 3       Visiting a Carthusian Monastery – Part 4



2.  Grande Chartreuse Skiing – France

Carthusian Ski Technique – Carthusian Monks from the Grand Charterhouse skiing on the Chartreuse Alps in France.

Carthusian Ski Technique from Hermit without a permit on Vimeo.


3.  Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno – Italy





4.  Elegy To Silence – Portugal

For the Carthusian monks, a life of solitude and self-denial is easy to bear for their religion. With exclusive access they lift the secretive veil from the monk’s daily lives. Solitude gives us time to be with God, explains Father Lopes. He decided to become a monk at the age of 20, whilst at university, and now spends 20 hours a day in his cell and eats only two meals a day. I rowed and swam until the age of 20 but not since thenI have not seen the sea since then. But the greatest sacrifice is being away from family: we wont ever visit our relatives and they wont come to visit us here.


5.  Pleterje Charterhouse – Slovenia

Pleterje Charterhouse is today the only Carthusian monastery in Slovenia. Nestled in the foothills of the “Gorjanci”, her history is closely tied to Slovenia’s own.