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Dominicans – Friars

Videos related to the Dominican Friars – Order of Friars Preachers


Information Sites

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The Order of Preachers

Dominicans in Singapore – Province of the Holy Rosary

Dominican Friars – Province of St Joseph

Dominican Vocations – Province of St Joseph


List of Videos Below (scroll down to view videos and check back for new additions)

1. Dominican Religious Life

2. Dominican Friars – Province of England Vocation Video

3. The Crown of the Aventine

4. Order of Friars Preachers: Dominicans Vocation Video

5. Call to the Priesthood

6. Happiness and the Monastic Life

7. Five Paths to the Priesthood

8. Video Testimony Series of Dominican Brothers

9. The (Other) Good Thief

10. Black Friar Music: “Come, My Way”


1. Dominican Religious Life

EWTN Live: Fr Mitch Pacwa S,.J. Interview with Fr. Benedict Croell, O.P. and Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., Ph.D.


2.  Dominican Friars – Province of England Vocation Video

Vocations video made in 2011 for the English Dominican Province. The Province of England comprises seven houses in England and Scotland, and two in the Caribbean.


3.  The Crown of the Aventine

The friars are members of the Order of Preachers, AKA “The Dominicans” and we are members of the Eastern Dominican Province. There are many provinces throughout the world, which together comprise the Order. The Order of Preachers was founded in 1216 by St. Dominic de Guzman in response to a then desperate need for informed preaching. Against a heresy which denied the dignity of our humanity, St. Dominic trained a group of preachers who would serve the Church in its affirmation of the world as the place where Christ is discovered.

The Crown of the Aventine from Gillen on Vimeo.


4.   Order of Friars Preachers: Dominicans Vocation Video

Excerpts from “And the world looks at us”, a 1964 Dominican Province of Saint Joseph vocation film written by Fr. Dominic Rover, O.P., and narrated by Dana Elcar. The original film was 28 min in length. The scenes included here were filmed at St. Stephen Priory in Dover, MA, the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D.C., and St. Dominic Church, Washington, D.C.


“LEAVING ALL THINGS BEHIND” is a Dominican vocation video from the Dominican Province of St. Joseph, the Eastern Province in the United States of America. Filmed at St. Gertrude Priory in Cincinnati, Ohio in August of 2010. This video has footage of the largest class of Novices in 44 years for this province.


5.  Call to the Priesthood

A look at ordinations in the U.S. through the eyes of two new Dominican priests – Fr. Cajetan Cuddy and Fr. Peter Martyr Yungwirth:


6.  Happiness and the Monastic Life

Brother Innocent Smith, O.P. is a Dominican friar at The Priory of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC. In this interview, Brother Innocent talks about the life of a Dominican friars, giving up stability, gaining harmony, Gregorian chants, and Irish folk music. (Washington, DC)


7.  Five Paths to the Priesthood

Five Paths to the Priesthood chronicles the very different journeys of five Dominican Friars to the moment of their ordination as priests of Jesus Christ and what this has meant to them in their new lives as servants of the people of God.

Five Paths to the Priesthood from Gillen on Vimeo.


8.  Video Testimony Series of Dominican Brothers



9.  The (Other) Good Thief

Focusing on the Cross and spirituality, Br. Cajetan Cuddy, O.P. (ordained Fr. Cajetan Cuddy in May 2014), gives a theological reflection on the life of a modern day “Dismas” — a criminal who had a radical encounter with Jesus and the Cross. It is a true story of scandal, mercy, the meaning of true happiness, and the love of Christ.

The (Other) Good Thief from Province of Saint Joseph on Vimeo.


10.  Black Friar Music: “Come, My Way”