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Reverse Stations of the Cross



Remembering the passion of Jesus through the eyes of His Blessed Mother and His Beloved Disciple.

To be prayed after the Liturgy of Good Friday or on the Morning of Holy Saturday


The Reverse Stations are a spiritual reflection based on the Stations of the Cross but in reverse order. After Jesus was buried in the tomb Mary must have returned home at some point and as the Beloved Disciple took her into her home, they would probably have walked together. In the Reverse Stations we walk this journey with them and attempt to share in what must have gone on in their mind as they recall what happened along the Via Dolorosa.


The Reverse Stations was introduced to the Archdiocese of Singapore by Malaysian Seminarians. Several Parishes have used their reflections. These only looked through the eyes of Mary.


Mike Arents, while the Pastoral Worker at the Church of the Holy Spirit, rewrote the Reversed Stations, adding to
Mary’s reflections also reflections from the Beloved Disciple. The Reverse Stations of the Cross are very suitable for reflection in the evening of Good Friday, after the Liturgy of Good Friday. Or on the morning of Holy Saturday.


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© Reflections written by Mike Arents, 2011 (Mike Arents is a Lay Missionary of the ICPE Mission and works as a Pastoral Worker in a Parish of the Archdiocese of Singapore.)